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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to my Food Paradise :)

I went back to Medan my beloved hometown for these past 5 days. It has been 1.5 years the last time i went back home and Medan has changed a lot. One thing i love about this city is the food!! I've travelled all around the world, but i can say Medan is the only place that i can find the best food ever. It is not only good but it is also cheap :) It is truly a food paradise!

I spent a great quality time with my family, althou i miss Asia Conference 2010 held by CHC in Singapore...i didn't regret my journey back to Medan. It has been a great and fruitful trip for me personally. I met my long lost cousins and 2 my cute nephews...they are so cute and adorable...i just love to be surrounded by them. They've grown so fast and i hope they will grow up to become a smart and obedience kids. Anyway...i think i've gained weight during this trip becoz of the food, well it is time to get back to my original shape in Singapore.

Me and my beloved :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From Spain with Love (March 2009)

Spain is a very special place for me and it is a very beautiful country. We went to 6 cities, 5 in Spain and 1 in Portugal within 2 weeks during March 2009. First stop was Barcelona. From Barcelona straight we went to mont serrat, which is an hour journey from Barcelona. We spent one whole day in mont serrat and flew to Lisbon on the next day. From Lisbon we've stayed there for 2 nights and went to Sevilla on the next day. Too bad almost every tourist destination closed in Sevilla coz it happened to be on Monday. Anyway from Sevilla we stayed for 2 nights and took 3 hours train to Granada. We really like Granada and we fell in love with Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain. On the next day we went to Sierra Nevada the tallest peak in Granada. We've got sunburned after that :P. We took a night train on the next day to Valencia. It was a train hotel that we took, we were so surprised coz they provide private bathroom (shower, toilet and washing basin) for each room in the train. Woah..it is a truly 5 star train hotel :) tough, I had motion sickness coz I showered while the train was moving. We spent only a day in Valencia coz we have pretty tight schedule and we flew to Madrid on the same day :) We had an awesome and yet sad experience in Madrid. We watched "bullfighting" in Plaza del toro. It supposed to be fun for "local ppl" but for me my stomach only could take 4 games and we went out! They killed 4 male bulls and i really felt so sad for them :( It was truly a bloody show and i almost cried for the bull :( anyway...it's a one lifetime experience and once in a lifetime is enough for us :)

Out of 6 cities, I recommend Lisbon & Granada as the two most beautiful places out of the rest. Lisbon is an old city and the culture is so rich. Lisbon is the city built on seven hills and surrounded by the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic Ocean. I really love the weather and sea view of Lisbon. Besides that the other memorable place is Castelo de Sao Jorge. Both of us enjoyed the sunset with 360 degrees view of Lisbon city, with sea on the left side and the old city of Alfama on the right. It really gave me a glimpse of heaven on earth.

The other most adorable city is Granada. Alhambra castle shows the richness of Muslim/middle east culture and how the royalties really knew how to "enjoy" their life every single day. Alhambra is so unique coz wherever you go..you will hear a murmur of running streams surrounded the palace. An abundant supply of water, brought from the mountains by old Moorish aqueducts, circulates throughout the palace, supplying its bath and fish-pools, sparkling in jets within its halls and channels along the marble pavements. While from its tower, one will see the city below pants with noontide heat and the delicate air from Sierra Nevada play through out the lofty halls. Words alone cannot describe the magnificence of Alhambra.

It was a memorable journey for both of us and hope one day we can visit Spain and Portugal once again :)

Lisbon, Portugal

Alhambra- Granada, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy Osaka (24th May 2010)

Dear friends, currently i'm in Osaka and today the weather is rainy, gloomy and a little bit chilled. Nevertheless...I still love Osaka. I love to eat and shop around here, i can get stuff much cheaper than Singapore or any where else :)

Today is an adventurous day...i was awake for almost 29 hours straight. After overnight flight, i went to have my lunch and hunted for Canon EOS Kiss X4 Double Zoom Kit. It was pretty hard to find the shop which sell this camera with a very good price. In Osaka almost every road sign is in Japanese so Google maps and compass are really my good friends, of course i couldn't do it if there wasn't this somebody in Singapore who guided me step by step to reach this "special" shop :)

I just came back and did a virgin shot with my new Canon. I took the pics from the my hotel room and i think i really like the quality of the camera and it is so user friendly, too. Well, i can't wait to go back to Singapore to download the English manual so I can discover more about it :)

hope u guyz enjoy the pics.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jules Travel's Diary

Hi friends, today i'm creating a new blog and in this blog i would like to share my travelling journey to all of you. This idea came up last night and i think it will be nice if I write a journal of my travelling experiences. My job required me to travel all around the world and I believe by sharing my experiences, photos, travelling tips it will help lot of people to see the world with their own eyes.

Well, this coming june 2010 i'm planning to spend my holiday in Italy. I've booked the flights to italy and most of the hotels. It will be 15 days journey and the route will be Milan- Monterosso- Manarola- Firenze- Siena- Monte Argentario-Rome. So stay tune for amazing stories and tips to come :)