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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Florence :)

Dear Friends, These past 4 days have been a memorable journey. We stayed at Florence for 2 nights and continued to drive around Tuscany for another 2 days. Florence also as known as Firenze is a very beautiful city, it is a capital of art in Italy. Many great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Boticelli, Galileo Galilei, Donatelo and so many more were born in Florence. We went to countless Palazzo and Museum in Florence. They have wide selections of arts from paintings and sculptures. The most beautiful bulding in Florence is its Cathedral "Il Duomo". On the first day we climbed thru 414 steps to the terraze to have amazing view of the city, the next day, even better we climbed thru 463 steps up to the roof top of Duomo! What a great exercises hehehe....but it's all worth it. We've got fabulouz pic of 360 degrees of Florence city. Another famous statue in the whole world is the statue of David. This statue were made by Michael Angelo and now it is located at Accademia Museum in Florence. But we missed David coz the queue to go inside were horribly long (we should've bought the reservation tix!) ...but anyway we could see the replica of the statue just beside the Pallazo Vecchio. After that, we went to the Old Bridge in Florence and got an amazing view of the river and Florence city. Along the bridge there are so many cute little shop selling jewelries made of gold and silver. Supposedly all of them were handmade and it's not cheap thou. Passed the bridge and we went to visit another Palazzo.

To sum it up, Florence is a beautiful city and no words able to describes its beauty and its historical values have contributed so much in our modern era of arts. Here is some of the pics of the city. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cinque de Terre :)

Dear Friends, I’m writing this on the train to Florence. We boarded the wrong train from Monterosso and almost missed the train connecting to Pisa Centrale. But just few minutes before the door closed, we ran and we managed to reach the train on time! Haha…what an adventure :)

Anyway, two days ago was another amazing experience. We went to the rest of the villages in Cinque de Terre. We took a train to Riomaggiore and from there we walked thru the "Via dell’Amore" (the path of love). Via dell’ Amore connects Riomaggiore to Manarola and it is the easiest path of all hiking route in Cinque de Terrre. It took about an hour to reach Manarola. The view along the way is so breathtaking coz it is facing the Mediterranean sea. Along the way you can see the rest of the villages surrounded by the hills. Manarola is the fishing village and this small town is built on the rock and cliff. From there we had our lunch at Trattoria Dal Billy. We had a grilled sea bass and green pasta. This restaurant was recommended by NY Times and when we reached there, the chef showed us a live crab and freshly caught up fish for us to choose for our dinner. The food turned out delicious and made me wanna go back there just only for the food :)

We continued our journey to Corniglia and Vernazza. Corniglia is the smallest of all five and there was a price to pay to go up there. We have to climbed 382 steps and yeah it was really worth the climb :) At the top, we had gelato and walked around the village. The uniqueness of cinque de terre is that most of the villages was built on the hills and that is why the locals have to go up and down from one residence to another. It is not surprise that old folks in this town look so healthy coz they gotta do exercise every single day going up and down the steps only to buy groceries, visit their neighbors, etc.

Next stop is Vernazza. Vernazza is the second largest after Monterosso. They have lovely and smaller beach compares to Monterosso. We spent the whole lazy evening lying down around the beach. We had our dinner in Vernazza Restorante Belforte. Though the food wasn't as nice as in Manarola, but the view is amazing coz the restaurant is facing the sea.

While today at Monterosso, we spent time strolling down the beach and enjoy our last moment here. Monterosso is so beautiful especially in the evening time when you can see the sunset. After the sunset we straight away took a train to Florence. This place is so memorable for both of us and hopefully we are able to come back again.

That’s all for today.....stay tune and see ya in Florence :)



Another angle taken @ Manarola

Taken from the top of Corniglia



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Italiano Escape, Che bello :)

Dear friends, as I've told you that i'm going to Italy this coming June....so here I am, in the magical land of olive oil. i'm going to write down my journey as much as I can. The first day has been great...we flew from Singapore to Milan and spent the whole day in Milan before we departed to Cinque de Terre. In Milan, we went to Duomo and Castello Sforzesc. Duomo is Milan's main cathedral, a massive late Gothic style church and it was built in 1386. It is surrounded by hundreds of spires and thousands of statues on its exterior. I've been to Duomo for 3 times but this was the first time that I climbed to the rooftop and had a spectacular view of city. We spent our short but memorable journey in Milan; strolled around Piazza del Duomo, had gelato, pizza and took lots of pictures.After Milan, in the late evening we took 3 hours train to Cinque de Terre.

I will recommend a couple to go for their gateaway over Cinque de Terre. It is a gem and heaven on earth!! The view is really breathtaking. Cinque de Terre is composed of five enchanting villages; Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. It is located at the coast of Italian Riviera. Cinque de Terre is protected by Unesco becoz of its beauty and charm. After we arrived in Monterosso, the view along the coastline together with blue-almost golden sky welcomed us. Most tourists are locals and they spent their lazy evening just strolling around the beach, cycling, sitting on the bench. The aroma of the food came from small restaurants along the beach made me hungry at the same time :) We got lost a little bit on the way to our bed and breakfast. Most of the locals don't speak English (so please download italian dictionary when you are here!), luckily we met a kind gentleman from UK to help us find the b&b's owner. Cherry is the owner of the b&b and she gave us a beautiful apartment near the city. Just five minutes walk, we went to the Il Casello restaurant near the beach. Have a told you that the food just beautiful? We had sea-bass and grilled swordfish together with their white local wine. The seafood over here is freshly caught that is why it is so yummy. We enjoyed our fabulous dinner with a superb view of the coast....it was truly amazing :) Well i can't wait to explore another 4 villages and i heard the rest are even better than Monterosso. Till then, wait for another update :)


All pictures are taken @ Monterosso

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amazing New York!

Dear friends, my flight to NY wasn't the same as usual. It was EXTRAORDINARY! I was so blessed and thrilled coz DR AR Bernard and his wife was on board. For those are not familiar with him, he is the senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center, NY which is the biggest church in NYC. He is one of the most sought after speaker in the whole world and his teaching about Cultural mandate and Christ in Culture (Kristos Kai Kosmos) has impacted me and my life in a great way. New York Magazine named Bernard as one of their "Most Influential New Yorkers" because of his contribution towards society is so huge and he is a good friend to Michael Bloomberg, NYC's mayor. His contribution towards City Harvest Church is significant and he is a mentor to our beloved Pastor Kong Hee and Sun.

It was a great privilege and honor to serve and have him on board. He is such a humble and friendly person despite his high calibre profile. When i met him on board, i was so shocked and i quickly introduced myself to him and said how much i was truly blessed by his ministry. He shook my hand and he introduced me to his wife, Karen. It was a truly long and draggy flight, but somehow their presents gave me motivation to work :) During the flight I've asked Dr AR Bernard for his signature, surprisingly he gave me a short message that touch me deeply.

"To Jules,
May God really bless you and keep you aware of His presence and purpose in your life."

After he wrote this message, he patted my shoulder and this made me thought, although i missed AC2010, it is more than enough for me. The message becomes a rhema from God to me personally. I feel so blessed :)

During the flight i've chit chatted with his wife, Karen. She is an amazing woman, humble and so bubbly. She talked to me about his grandchildren and how she loves Singapore and CHC. She showed me her youngest granddaughter pic, Ming Lee and she really looks like asian...so beautiful and that is why they call her Ming Lee :) She told me that she is so grateful that she can be part of God's calling in Asia and she's hoping that the revival won't stop here. It will be more to come for Asia. I really believe that no matter what the media is putting now about CHC, the truth will be revealed. God won't let his people down and i trust the leadership of CHC. The bigger the calling, the bigger the challenges...and i believe thru all these challenges, God has something even bigger for CHC.

Anyway on board i met Mr Gordon Horace, too. He is assistant youth pastor in CCC and Dr AR Bernard's personal bodyguard. He is a very nice gentleman and he even invited us to come to CCC. He arranged a transportation from Manhattan to Brooklyn so we can have a tour in CCC. What a privilege! So for this trip not only i've got to meet Dr Bernard, but i've got a chance to do a tour in his church. God is real good :)

Well..i took lot of pics of CCC...it is a HUGE church and they have lots of facilities inside. CCC has just bought 4.5 acre of land and planning to build a school and more facilities just next to the building. It was a comprehensive tour and I really want to thank Mr Gordon Horace for arranging all these.

To sum up...it was a great journey in NYC and...have a mentioned about the shopping?? It was fantabulouzzz :)


Me & Mr Gordon Horace @ CCC's main auditorium

Me @ Christian Cultural Center, NY

A short message from Dr AR Benard.