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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas experience @ Disney World, Orlando-Florida :D

Dear all....Christmas is coming very soon...i would like to share another unforgettable christmas i had last year. We went to USA during that time, the trip started from Singapore-New York- Orlando- Vegas-Los Angeles and back to Singapore. We went to World Disney at Orlando. It was the most memorable journey of the year of 2009. Okay...i guess lots of u know that i'm a BIG fan of Disney....so far I've been to 4 Disneyland theme-parks all around the world (Disneyland Park LA, Tokyo Disneyland, Hongkong Disneyland & Disney world Orlando). Well, the suckest among all is HK Disney (too small, Mickey & friends speak in cantonese ...and the best is of cuz Disney World at Orlando Well, the best time to go to Disney besides summer is during christmas. The decorations was superb and the atmosphere was so beautiful during that period. But again there's downside...during christmas....everything is super-expensive. From airfare, accommodation, food, etc etc....the only good thing was when u shop for clothes, shoes, bags where prices were cut down to almost 50% off.

Okay...so we spent 2 full days in Disney World and the 3rd day we spent at Universal Studios, Orlando. I would recommend all of u to spend at least 4 days for Disney world alone....coz Disney World consists of 4 theme-parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, M.G.M. Hollywood & Animal Kingdom). For those who are still young (like me! ) with lots of energy & adrenaline, able to run, squeeze around, queue up for hours....i guess within 4 days u will be able to cover at least all MAJOR rides. But if u prefer to take ur own sweet time to discover Disney world...u need 1 week at least! coz the themeparks are really HUGE. We managed to cover 3 themeparks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom & M.G.M Hollywood) within 2 days. We did most of major rides there. Started off our day early at Epcot. Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) consists of Future World and World Showcase. The park is dedicated for technology innovation of the future. Our 1st ride was Spaceship Earth, it was about human civilization from the past to the future. We rode on Universe of Energy, Mission Space, Test Track, The Land, The Seas Nemo and Friends. The two most exciting rides were Test Track and Soarin' over California. Test track is the fastest ride in Disney and Soarin' is the bestest 4D rides in whole world! It takes u fly up above cities of California...the ride is so surreal. After Epcot, the next themepark was Magic Kingdom. In MK, you will find all the princess' rides. This is the place where all ur childhood dreams will become alive. There is cinderella castle, where u can meet all the princess characters...u can even have a princess' high tea (of cuz u will be invited only if u are still under 8 years old haha). We went to Haunted Mansion (my fav since i was 8).....it was so fun, it brought back all the good memories. We went to Big thunder mountain roller coaster (not so scary thou..), voyage of Little Mermaid (where u can see little mermaid's broadway musical). The highlight and the longest of the queue went to Peter Pan's flight. We queued up for 2 hours!! I fell asleep couple of times during the queue ....but it's worth it...the ride was so beautiful...i almost cried inside the ride. When the peter pan's ship flew u up over the city of London to Neverland....it was breathtaking...it was so beautiful.

After all the amazing rides, when nightfall....we went to Main Street USA, the street was full with christmas lighting and decorations....i couldn't describe it with word.....i guess it was the most beautiful christmas i've ever had in my life. We watched the Christmas show at cinderella castle. ...during christmas....the castle was lighted up with over 200,000 LED christmas lights. It was lit nightly during a new stage show in front of the castle. The castle is illuminated in 16.7 million colors. After the parade, the christmas show....then the "Holiday Wishes" fireworks came on. The weather was frozen up during night...but again..it's worth standing up for almost 2 hours outdoor just to enjoy the beauty of the castle and all

Dun go anywhere coz M.G.M Hollywood studios will be the next In a meanwhile, enjoy the photos and videos uploaded

Our very 1st ride in Epcot

Soaring over California ride

Mission Space @Epcot

Nemo Rides


@Magic Kingdom

Christmas Decoration at Mainstreet USA

Big Thunder Mountain rides

Haunted Mansion

Queueing up for Haunted Mansion

Peter Pan's Flight

Cinderella Castle

Merry Christmas, Everyone :)

Disney's Christmas Show

Christmas decorations @ Mainstreet USA

"Holiday Wish" Fireworks

Christmas Show @ Cinderella castle

Monday, December 13, 2010

The most fashionable Queen in the whole world, tales from Versailles, France

Hi friends, today i'm going to share one of my wonderful traveling experiences in Paris, France. I've been to Paris for 10-12 times and i would still remember one of the most memorable experiences that i had in Paris was Versailles. Versailles or a.k.a Chateau de France is a beautiful palace/residence for French Kings. It was during spring when i made a visit. It was a gorgeous sunny day so i decided to go to Versailles. The journey approximately around 1 hour from Paris, it nears suburb and it was considering adventurous coz I traveled alone, equipped only by maps. The journey started early in the morning, i had to ask people around to make sure that i boarded the right train. There are lots of different types of trains in Paris so you have to do some research and you have to know which type of train that will bring u to the destination.

My adventurous trip was paid off....I was so lucky coz the weather on that day was so perfect. It wasn't too hot/cold. I started off by visiting the castle. The castle were built since 1682. It was a center of power of Kings of France (Louis XIV, XV and XVI). I've visited different rooms in the castle and it was HUGE! The interior of the castle is magnificent with baroque lavished style. Surprisingly the main architect was named Jules Hardouin Mansart..ahaa...we have the same first name :) Mansart did a great job for the interior and the most remarkable room that i've encountered was the famous "Hall of Mirrors". The hall is covered with 17 mirror-clad arches that reflect the 17 arcaded windows that overlook the gardens. During 17th century, mirrors were one of the most expensive items to possess...and this was one of the way the French Kings showcased their wealthiness to their foreign delegates. The hall of Mirrors continued to serve for family and court functions.

Well, the Versailles garden was the highlight of the trip....and it was spring time, so the flowers and trees are blooming. It was so beautiful!! Most of my time was spent in a garden. After walking around, I went to Grand canal (and ornamental body of water covering 44 hectares and measuring 6km around its edges), I seated down and had the most memorable time alone. I rewarded myself and ice cream, and enjoyed the very view of people rowing their boats at Grand canal. That's what i call life. Sumtimes we gotta have our own private time to enjoy and relax ourselves :) The next heaven was the Marie Antoinette's domaine. Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France during Louis XVI time. An Austrian princess who turned into a Queen of France by the age of 19. She had exquisite poise and famously graceful deportment and it's believed that she was the most fashionable Queen during that era. Spoiled by her parents since childhood had made her the most infamous Queen thru-out the history of France. She spent French's people money on gambling, antiques, expensive clothing, with cards and horse-betting. She even had her own estate at the back of Versailles which is known as the Queen's Hamlet. This was where she escaped from her boring regulated routine as a Queen in a castle. This was where she could fulfill her fancy dream; to live more a simple way of life. Antoinette's estate was so enchanting that I could just spend my whole day looking at the small huts, seating by the lake at Petit Trianon and admiring the beauty of the landscape. This heaven soon had to be paid with a heavy price. After French revolutions, Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI were executed under guillotine on 1793 (when she was only 37 years old) for the guilty of treason. That was how the glorious French monarchy fell and that was a glimpse of story of a great castle and enchanting garden of Versailles. It was a great place and treasure that we should keep. I would definitely love to go again when i have a chance :)

That's the end of my story...well it was quite an adventure. Did i tell that i was followed by the gypsies on the way back home to Paris? It happened inside the train, there were several of them aged between 10-12. They asked for my hairpin. That was creepy...so quickly i moved to another section of the train. They lost me..phew.....

Garden of Versailles

The Grand Canal

The Petit Trianon, Rock Pavilion

Perfect spring time

Marie Antoinette's Domaine

The Queen's Hamlet

Marie Antoinette's Domaine

Heaven on Earth

Garden of Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors

Another view of the Garden

Chateau de France

The chapel inside the castle

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tribute to my sister, Disneyland LA :) 2007

I was away for 8 days..wat a long long flight…but i did enjoy it so much… met my sis in LA and we spent our days in Disneyland. Oh gossh…it’s been so long i didn’t meet her, almost 3 years I guess and look what she has become..from the way she dress, talk, walk and eat..she looks like a real New Yorker hahaha guess she’s been staying too long in NY…anyway, we hooked up in Hilton and had a real good time together in Disney and California themepark. Personally i really enjoyed all the rides and it brought up all the good memories that we had when we were still young. We went to Disney together when I was 8 and she was 11. Me and my sisters grew up with all Disney’s stories ..you name it..Snow White, cinderella, sleeping beauty, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, pocahontas, lion king, alladin, etc, etc…and we’re big fans of Disney :) I almost cried when I saw the fireworks that night in Disney…with all history, the movies soundtrack that has been sung thru out the fireworks. It was a magical night for me. haha…I sounded so melancholic here, but i did miss that old time together…with me and my sis…although sumtimes we do quarrel ..but she’s my beloved sister and i do miss her hehe…:) so Non, if u read this..just want to thank for all the treats and wish u alwayz in good health ..of cuz we’ll meet each other
again….hopefully in NY :)

@ Disneyland theme park, LAX

I really miss this moment

The Lion King broadway show, London :D

Dear diary....i went to London during summer time this year and i haven't published some of the pics i took in London. I'm so grateful coz i'm given opportunity to watch broadway show in London, i'm a big FAN of this kinda show. Me myself is a songwriter and i really love to watch musical show....sumtimes the music from the show might inspired me to write new song. It made me laughed, cried, thrilled and amazed at the same time. London is one of the place where u can find world-class broadway show besides NYC. So far, i've watched Sound of music, The Wicked, Avenue Q and the last one i've watched was The Lion King. Out of the four...the Wicked was I like the most. The props, the scores, the effects and casts were amazing!! They are simply out of this world. The casts are truly amazing and each one of them has a stunning voice.

The last trip i went....i was about to see "Sister Act" (the newest musical in town) but too bad it wasn't showing during that day. So we decided to watch the Lion King. It was amazing too...but half of the audiences are kids...it was kinda noisy during the show, kids were crying and shouting in the middle of the show...well what do u expect? haha...anyway the casts were also amazing and some of my fav songs like Circle of life, Hakuna matata, Can u feel the love tonight were inside. It made my heart melted during the show :D

It was an incredible day....three of us went to chinatown just before the show...we had roasted pork and we went to Covent Garden in the afternoon. Took a slow walk and enjoy the breeze of London. Well...after the show...we went to London's eyes and the BIG BEN. We took lots of beautiful pics. Hope u enjoy the London skyline below :)


Inside the theater, The Lion King

The show had just begun!

All the casts

@ Covent Garden

Wohoooo....the London's Eyes

inside the London's eyes

Amazing view of Big Ben and London skyline