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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas decorations @ Fukuoka and the best Ramen in the world!!

Dear friends, it's time for me to get my blog up and alive again....i'm having jet lag now as usual...so here we go...i'm going to share my wonderful experiences in Fukuoka. It's my very first time to be in Fukuoka and i fall in love again with this small city yet so beautiful. Maybe becoz the christmas is coming and most of the places i went mostly are decorated with beautiful christmas tree and magnificent lighting. Fukuoka is one the most anticipated flight for most of us....and believe me, i just found the best ramen in the world. Ichiran ramen. I went all around the world and i never tasted such nice, delicious and tasty ramen. This ramen shop is simply awesome and they have very cool concept. It would be nice if they have their franchise in Singapore :).

At Ichiran, Every guests will be seated in each station provided. Every single station is like a small cubicle and the waiter will hand over the cutleries and the questionnaire form how you want your ramen to be like. You can choose the texture of the noodle, how tender or how firm you want it to be. You can choose the richness of the broth , spicy or non spicy, u can even choose the sourness of the ramen. Cool!!! You won't see the face of the waiter, only their hands coz there is partition to keep the privacy of each guests...so after u handed over ur order, they will fix the ramen for u and voila.....they will serve it to ur station. I ate all the ramen and drank all the soup until it dried up!! haha.

After the meal, i went to Taijin sation.....and shopped whole lots of things. I fell in love with Samantha Vega bag...and i'm making a confession here...when it comes to Samantha's brand...i'm such a sucker :p. After shopping, I went to Canal city and i took lots of pics there. What i can say?? it was so beautiful especially at night :)

The world famous Ichiran Ramen

@ Canal City

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