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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas experience @ Disney World, Orlando-Florida :D

Dear all....Christmas is coming very soon...i would like to share another unforgettable christmas i had last year. We went to USA during that time, the trip started from Singapore-New York- Orlando- Vegas-Los Angeles and back to Singapore. We went to World Disney at Orlando. It was the most memorable journey of the year of 2009. Okay...i guess lots of u know that i'm a BIG fan of Disney....so far I've been to 4 Disneyland theme-parks all around the world (Disneyland Park LA, Tokyo Disneyland, Hongkong Disneyland & Disney world Orlando). Well, the suckest among all is HK Disney (too small, Mickey & friends speak in cantonese ...and the best is of cuz Disney World at Orlando Well, the best time to go to Disney besides summer is during christmas. The decorations was superb and the atmosphere was so beautiful during that period. But again there's downside...during christmas....everything is super-expensive. From airfare, accommodation, food, etc etc....the only good thing was when u shop for clothes, shoes, bags where prices were cut down to almost 50% off.

Okay...so we spent 2 full days in Disney World and the 3rd day we spent at Universal Studios, Orlando. I would recommend all of u to spend at least 4 days for Disney world alone....coz Disney World consists of 4 theme-parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, M.G.M. Hollywood & Animal Kingdom). For those who are still young (like me! ) with lots of energy & adrenaline, able to run, squeeze around, queue up for hours....i guess within 4 days u will be able to cover at least all MAJOR rides. But if u prefer to take ur own sweet time to discover Disney world...u need 1 week at least! coz the themeparks are really HUGE. We managed to cover 3 themeparks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom & M.G.M Hollywood) within 2 days. We did most of major rides there. Started off our day early at Epcot. Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) consists of Future World and World Showcase. The park is dedicated for technology innovation of the future. Our 1st ride was Spaceship Earth, it was about human civilization from the past to the future. We rode on Universe of Energy, Mission Space, Test Track, The Land, The Seas Nemo and Friends. The two most exciting rides were Test Track and Soarin' over California. Test track is the fastest ride in Disney and Soarin' is the bestest 4D rides in whole world! It takes u fly up above cities of California...the ride is so surreal. After Epcot, the next themepark was Magic Kingdom. In MK, you will find all the princess' rides. This is the place where all ur childhood dreams will become alive. There is cinderella castle, where u can meet all the princess characters...u can even have a princess' high tea (of cuz u will be invited only if u are still under 8 years old haha). We went to Haunted Mansion (my fav since i was 8).....it was so fun, it brought back all the good memories. We went to Big thunder mountain roller coaster (not so scary thou..), voyage of Little Mermaid (where u can see little mermaid's broadway musical). The highlight and the longest of the queue went to Peter Pan's flight. We queued up for 2 hours!! I fell asleep couple of times during the queue ....but it's worth it...the ride was so beautiful...i almost cried inside the ride. When the peter pan's ship flew u up over the city of London to Neverland....it was breathtaking...it was so beautiful.

After all the amazing rides, when nightfall....we went to Main Street USA, the street was full with christmas lighting and decorations....i couldn't describe it with word.....i guess it was the most beautiful christmas i've ever had in my life. We watched the Christmas show at cinderella castle. ...during christmas....the castle was lighted up with over 200,000 LED christmas lights. It was lit nightly during a new stage show in front of the castle. The castle is illuminated in 16.7 million colors. After the parade, the christmas show....then the "Holiday Wishes" fireworks came on. The weather was frozen up during night...but again..it's worth standing up for almost 2 hours outdoor just to enjoy the beauty of the castle and all

Dun go anywhere coz M.G.M Hollywood studios will be the next In a meanwhile, enjoy the photos and videos uploaded

Our very 1st ride in Epcot

Soaring over California ride

Mission Space @Epcot

Nemo Rides


@Magic Kingdom

Christmas Decoration at Mainstreet USA

Big Thunder Mountain rides

Haunted Mansion

Queueing up for Haunted Mansion

Peter Pan's Flight

Cinderella Castle

Merry Christmas, Everyone :)

Disney's Christmas Show

Christmas decorations @ Mainstreet USA

"Holiday Wish" Fireworks

Christmas Show @ Cinderella castle

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Disney adventure. Me personally have a great Disney Land experience. My family really had a lot of fun while we spent a Disney Vacation for a week.