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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Lion King broadway show, London :D

Dear diary....i went to London during summer time this year and i haven't published some of the pics i took in London. I'm so grateful coz i'm given opportunity to watch broadway show in London, i'm a big FAN of this kinda show. Me myself is a songwriter and i really love to watch musical show....sumtimes the music from the show might inspired me to write new song. It made me laughed, cried, thrilled and amazed at the same time. London is one of the place where u can find world-class broadway show besides NYC. So far, i've watched Sound of music, The Wicked, Avenue Q and the last one i've watched was The Lion King. Out of the four...the Wicked was I like the most. The props, the scores, the effects and casts were amazing!! They are simply out of this world. The casts are truly amazing and each one of them has a stunning voice.

The last trip i went....i was about to see "Sister Act" (the newest musical in town) but too bad it wasn't showing during that day. So we decided to watch the Lion King. It was amazing too...but half of the audiences are kids...it was kinda noisy during the show, kids were crying and shouting in the middle of the show...well what do u expect? haha...anyway the casts were also amazing and some of my fav songs like Circle of life, Hakuna matata, Can u feel the love tonight were inside. It made my heart melted during the show :D

It was an incredible day....three of us went to chinatown just before the show...we had roasted pork and we went to Covent Garden in the afternoon. Took a slow walk and enjoy the breeze of London. Well...after the show...we went to London's eyes and the BIG BEN. We took lots of beautiful pics. Hope u enjoy the London skyline below :)


Inside the theater, The Lion King

The show had just begun!

All the casts

@ Covent Garden

Wohoooo....the London's Eyes

inside the London's eyes

Amazing view of Big Ben and London skyline

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