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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tribute to my sister, Disneyland LA :) 2007

I was away for 8 days..wat a long long flight…but i did enjoy it so much… met my sis in LA and we spent our days in Disneyland. Oh gossh…it’s been so long i didn’t meet her, almost 3 years I guess and look what she has become..from the way she dress, talk, walk and eat..she looks like a real New Yorker hahaha guess she’s been staying too long in NY…anyway, we hooked up in Hilton and had a real good time together in Disney and California themepark. Personally i really enjoyed all the rides and it brought up all the good memories that we had when we were still young. We went to Disney together when I was 8 and she was 11. Me and my sisters grew up with all Disney’s stories ..you name it..Snow White, cinderella, sleeping beauty, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, pocahontas, lion king, alladin, etc, etc…and we’re big fans of Disney :) I almost cried when I saw the fireworks that night in Disney…with all history, the movies soundtrack that has been sung thru out the fireworks. It was a magical night for me. haha…I sounded so melancholic here, but i did miss that old time together…with me and my sis…although sumtimes we do quarrel ..but she’s my beloved sister and i do miss her hehe…:) so Non, if u read this..just want to thank for all the treats and wish u alwayz in good health ..of cuz we’ll meet each other
again….hopefully in NY :)

@ Disneyland theme park, LAX

I really miss this moment

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