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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One fine day @ Fira, Santorini

Hi folks, I’m gonna continue my journey in Santorini….So far we’re having a blast here…We spent our 2nd day at Santorini and we fall in love even more with her. We started off our journey from our hotel pretty late at noon time….coz we wanted to take our time, make sure that we rested well before the trip …this is holiday anyway :) . That’s why I never taken any guided tour package from travel agent everytime I go on holiday. It’s always better to plan everything yourself, you can be very flexible in ur time….you can just stop by the places u wanna go and enjoy every moment of it without being restricted by schedule. But yes….before u plan ur journey u really have to do lots of research to make sure u get the best of ur holiday! Anyway…continuing on…we started our day by having lunch at Naoussa Tavern Restaurant at Fira. It was again recommended by tripadvisor and with hundreds of good customer’s review….it can’t be wrong,

The food again was fantastic..althou this restaurant doesn’t offer a great view..but it offers great food and great service! We ordered beef Moussaka, is a traditional greek cuisine. It’s sumthing taste like Lasagna. It has three layers; a bottom layer of sautéed aubergine slices, a middle layer of cooked ground beef cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and other spices. It is baked until the top layer is brown color. This kinda of food is very unique and it’s very tasty. Besides that, we ordered grilled calamari and fish “plaki’’ with potatoes. The food was amazing and the service was fantastic. The lady owner is very nice and hey even gave us white wine and lemon cello as a compliment (luckily my love doesn’t have to drive in a few hours time…if not we gonna have to skip all those kind of drink :P). After lunch, we went to the center city of Fira, the busiest city in town. We walked around Gold street which full of jewelry stores and commercial centers. Then we walked thru the caldera….and we saw another great view of the sea in between there is Nea Kameni and Thirassia island. There are lots of beautiful cafes surrounding the caldera. We continued our journey to see St John Catholic church and from Fira actually u can take either cable car of ride a donkey down 587 steps winding path to the old port (Ammoudi bay). We gonna go down to the port on this coming Thursday coz we will visit the Nea Kameni (inactive volcano in Santorini).

The day was hot and we made a stop in one of the café, enjoying ice crème crepe with a view. You can spend hours only to enjoy the scenery over here. After a break ….we drove to another village Imerovigli. It’s only 15 mins rides from Fira. Imerovigli is another great village with great view and it’s even better coz this place is quieter and less touristic. We had our candle light dinner at Blue note. The salmon mustard is fantastic and the salad as well. Well….we recommend this restaurant to all of u who’s planning to explore Imerovigli. Finding this restaurant is like finding a rare gem…..good food with nice ambience and view. That is for yesterday and today we’re planning to visit Boutari winery and I’m gonna catch up with u soon :) Stay tuned guyzzz :)

View from the top of Fira

@Naoussa Tavern Resturant

"Beef Moussaka", a traditional greek cuisine

coffee time @ Fira

Sunset @ Imerovigli

Salmon with mustard sauce and rice yummzzz

Dining @ Blue Note, Imerovigli

Monday, June 6, 2011

The most romantic sunset in the world @ OIA, Santorini

Hi people :) finally I’m gearing up with my laptop and decided to write my travel’s journey again. Hahaha…..it’s been a while and I’m kinda of miss it. Anyway I’m going to write down my holiday journey to the land of Zeus, the magnificent country with beautiful and rich culture and history…..Greece. This year we’re planning to come here coz we really want to get up close and personal with the jewel of Greece, Santorini.

We came from Singapore and we arrived at Athens int’l Airport around 7.30 am and continued our journey to Santorini by Aegean Air. It was tiring journey thru out the flight (after almost 18 hour travelling time plus transit time) before we finally reached this amazing place. Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for honey-mooners. It’s known all over the world for its unique natural beauty. The caldera with the white villages on top donned with blue rooftop, the sunken volcano and the amazing sunset make it a popular place to be.

After touching down…..we rested for a while in our amazing hotel at Perivolous….which slightly located at the southern part of the island. The hotel has an amazing view of the beach and u will wake up every morning facing this great view. Well…..yesterday we started off our journey from the village of Oia. We had our fabulous dinner at the Rocca. NY times and trip advisor recommend the restaurant. It served Greek homemade cuisine and we tried mushroom with sweet visanto….and it was super duper yummy!!!! The prawn cooked with ouzo is really finger-licking good too. The taste of the beef with red wine sauce is fantastic too. The dinner was serenaded with the view to die for. It was really an amazing experience for both of us.

After dinner we headed up to Oia….for its sunset. Oia has the most romantic sunset in the world. Because it’s summer here…the sun only set after 7.45pm-8pm, so we had time to stroll around the village before witnessing the most beautiful sunset in the whole world. After the sunset we strolled around the Caldera. Oia seduces visitors with her picturesque yposkafa where residences carved onto the rock, narrow paths and imposing Caldera. We ended our day by hanging around eating gelato ice cream in one of the small café near the Caldera.

It was one of the most beautiful day we had in our lives and we really celebrate it. In my heart, I'm really grateful for all His blessings upon us. Well…..i’ll continue our journey in a bit….Today we’re planning to go the Fira the central city of Santorini, so stay tuned guyzzz !!! :)

We are driving cute smart car :)

@ Rocca, famous restaurant at Oia

Fabulouz dinner @ Rocca

Sunset @ Oia, Santorini.

Sunset @ Oia, Santorini.

@ Caldera, Santorini.

View from Caldera, Santorini.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MGM Hollywood Studios, Disney World Orlando

Dear friends.......finally i've got time to sit down and continue my traveling blog. This will be my 1st post in the year of 2011....yeay! I just wanna greet all the readers a great new year ahead...I believe this year will be the greatest year yet for both of us :)

Well......i will continue my journey on MGM Hollywood Studios @ Disney World Orlando. It was the 3rd themepark that we went on Disney World. This themepark was one of the most anticipated one in my trip...coz it has lots of World-class attractions and rides. It's such a dream come true that I will be able to play around MGM Hollywood Studios...it has been my childhood dream to be in Disney World!! We really had fun and took lots of pics too...one of the famous spot was a giant Mickey's Sorcerer Hat. It is lighted during the night and it was magical! There are lots of interesting rides in MGM but we couldn't covered all...but we had planned so well and we did ride all the major high ratings rides including Rock n' Rollercoaster by Aerosmith *my fav* and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror yeay!

We started our day with Star Tour ride...we went in coz the queue was only 15mins. The ride was based on George Lucas' Star Wars movie and in this simulation rides, Captain EO brought us unto the outer space. Although it was my 4th times on Star Tours....it was still fun :) Subsequently during day time we went to see 'Lights, motors, Actions' stunt show. It was drizzling a lil' bit....but it didn't cancel the show...phew :) The show was about how hollywood movies does car stunt show & effects...it ended with fire, explosions and cheering from the crowds. It was such an awesome show!

Well....after all other rides.....i'm gonna share the more memorable ones....Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. In this ride....we had to go into old hollywood hotel. It was so creepy and the hotel keepers acted so well...they sounded so scary, they made u feel that u going to face sumthing really scary ahead. I have to admit that when it comes to this...Disney's staff are just way to awesome. They are really professional, e.g. in a scary rides....they make sure that u will feel scare as hell...in jolly rides...well they will smile to u from ear to ear :) Anyway...back to the rides. So after the very long creepy queue at lobby and boiler room (coz we've gotta listen to all the screaming from the elevator while queuing)...the hotel keeper bought us into the smaller room. In the room...there was a small TV telling u about the history of that old creepy hotel and saying that we are going into a place where there will be no turning back. Well...we were brought into a big old elevator where we are all to be seated and strapped in. Finally after all the waiting.....we were brought into a "Twilight Zone" (you will be dropped from 199 feet tall). Well...they didn't have fixed numbers of how many time the drop would be. The pattern of dropping was randomly done...that made the whole excitement coz u couldn't predict what was happening. It was a lil' bit scary at 1st...but after the 1st drop...then u gonna love it :) coz the door of elevator gonna open and u will see the surrounding and it's gonna drop u again. hehe...fun fun fun.

Next roll n' rollercoaster had the longest queue ever in MGM. We queued up for almost 2h but it's worth it. It was my fav rides so far in Disney world coz u will be blasted with Aerosmith's rock and roll music while u are riding the coaster. Both of us were so thrilled coz during the queue, we saw how the riders screamed while the train 1st launched into the dark tunnel and disappeared. It launched from 0-60 mile per hour in 2.8 seconds and it was the most intense feeling i had on that day (more intense than the tower terror i can say). The ride was simply awesome and breath taking :) I dun mind to do it again....but the queue were horribly so long....and we gotta catch up for the Fantasmic show.

Fantasmic! is featuring fireworks, water effects, fountains, laser effects, etc of Disney character and animations. We went there 1h before the show started....and it was so crowded already! After we went in...we got center seat and almost a perfect spot for both of us. It was quite easy coz we were young & energetic enuf to squeeze thru and grabbed the seats b4 everyone else hehe. The most memorable scene when Mickey had to defeat the "Maleficent" Dragon. The sea of fire was blown up by the dragon and Mickey the sorcerer tried everything he could to set off the fire. Fantasmic! ended up with fireworks and with one message that dreams do come true in life. There will be enemies come in a way...but in the end, u just have to believe in ur heart that the nightmare soon will go away and the brighter day will come very soon.

It was such a memorable day and how i wish that i would be able to go back to MGM Hollywood Studios :)

Lights, Motors and Action stuntshow

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Princess and the frog drawings

@MGM Hollywood Entrance

The Narnia

Beauty & the Beast live on stage!

Great hollywood movie journey ride

Rock n' Rollercoaster

Rock n' Rollercoaster entrance

The 1st launch of Roll n' Rollercoaster


Toy story ride

The giant socerer's hat