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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One fine day @ Fira, Santorini

Hi folks, I’m gonna continue my journey in Santorini….So far we’re having a blast here…We spent our 2nd day at Santorini and we fall in love even more with her. We started off our journey from our hotel pretty late at noon time….coz we wanted to take our time, make sure that we rested well before the trip …this is holiday anyway :) . That’s why I never taken any guided tour package from travel agent everytime I go on holiday. It’s always better to plan everything yourself, you can be very flexible in ur time….you can just stop by the places u wanna go and enjoy every moment of it without being restricted by schedule. But yes….before u plan ur journey u really have to do lots of research to make sure u get the best of ur holiday! Anyway…continuing on…we started our day by having lunch at Naoussa Tavern Restaurant at Fira. It was again recommended by tripadvisor and with hundreds of good customer’s review….it can’t be wrong,

The food again was fantastic..althou this restaurant doesn’t offer a great view..but it offers great food and great service! We ordered beef Moussaka, is a traditional greek cuisine. It’s sumthing taste like Lasagna. It has three layers; a bottom layer of sautéed aubergine slices, a middle layer of cooked ground beef cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, herbs and other spices. It is baked until the top layer is brown color. This kinda of food is very unique and it’s very tasty. Besides that, we ordered grilled calamari and fish “plaki’’ with potatoes. The food was amazing and the service was fantastic. The lady owner is very nice and hey even gave us white wine and lemon cello as a compliment (luckily my love doesn’t have to drive in a few hours time…if not we gonna have to skip all those kind of drink :P). After lunch, we went to the center city of Fira, the busiest city in town. We walked around Gold street which full of jewelry stores and commercial centers. Then we walked thru the caldera….and we saw another great view of the sea in between there is Nea Kameni and Thirassia island. There are lots of beautiful cafes surrounding the caldera. We continued our journey to see St John Catholic church and from Fira actually u can take either cable car of ride a donkey down 587 steps winding path to the old port (Ammoudi bay). We gonna go down to the port on this coming Thursday coz we will visit the Nea Kameni (inactive volcano in Santorini).

The day was hot and we made a stop in one of the café, enjoying ice crème crepe with a view. You can spend hours only to enjoy the scenery over here. After a break ….we drove to another village Imerovigli. It’s only 15 mins rides from Fira. Imerovigli is another great village with great view and it’s even better coz this place is quieter and less touristic. We had our candle light dinner at Blue note. The salmon mustard is fantastic and the salad as well. Well….we recommend this restaurant to all of u who’s planning to explore Imerovigli. Finding this restaurant is like finding a rare gem…..good food with nice ambience and view. That is for yesterday and today we’re planning to visit Boutari winery and I’m gonna catch up with u soon :) Stay tuned guyzzz :)

View from the top of Fira

@Naoussa Tavern Resturant

"Beef Moussaka", a traditional greek cuisine

coffee time @ Fira

Sunset @ Imerovigli

Salmon with mustard sauce and rice yummzzz

Dining @ Blue Note, Imerovigli

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